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“Surf Bar” is the reference point for those who want to escape from the daily chaos, where you can enjoy a delicious sandwich or drink an excellent drink and enjoy a splendid view in absolute RELAX; the eye on one side reaches the Gulf of Trieste to the Duino and Miramare castle and the Slovenian coast, the Isonzo mouth with Punta Sdobba and the Cona Island on the other. Located in the pre-park area of Isola della Cona, where lying on the sunbed and under the umbrella, the minds begin to fantasize, the eyes and the heart take you to that invisible line, and you cannot understand where the sea ends and the sky, a splendid panorama that the LIDO di Staranzano offers, protecting and hosting the animals that reach the Surf Bar both by sea and by land.


Lido di Staranzano fronte Mare, confine Marina Julia – Staranzano (GO)

Tel: +39 334 5357743

Tel: +390 349 0057698


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Camper Club “La foce dell’isonzo”

Via delle Acacie 17 – 34079 Staranzano (GO)
Tel +39 333 5050 103

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