"Le traversine"
Riding club

"Le traversine"
Riding club

About “Le Traversine”

The Le Traversine Riding Club is a centre built with a view to the well-being of horses, where it is possible to find out about, experience and come to love this wonderful animal. In our centre we dedicate ourselves to the discipline of show jumping and pet therapy on horseback. It is also possible to stop with camper vans to spend a night in the middle of nature.

Via Vittorio Veneto 110, Loc. Dobbia – 34079 – Staranzano (GO)

Tel: +39 338 640 6600 (Gianni Polonio)

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Camper Club “La foce dell’isonzo”

Via delle Acacie 17 – 34079 Staranzano (GO)
Tel +39 333 5050 103

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