Villa Piani-Feruglio

The Piani family from Udine, which had many properties in Staranzano, built a villa here as their summer residence in the eighteenth century. The three-storey structure, built according to the layout of Venetian manor houses, was expanded over time, until it formed the shapes that can still be seen today. Following a marriage, the villa became the property of the Feruglio family, who still own it today.

Its notable members include Msgr. Antonio Feruglio (1841-1911) who was collaborator of San Luigi Scrosoppi in Udine and later bishop of Vicenza. The villa did not go through the various war-related events that shook these lands unscathed; it has recently undergone an important restoration, which has also made it possible to recover some of the original frescoes, and today it continues to be at the centre of an important farm.

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