Lido e Alberoni

The northernmost point of the Mediterranean

The sandy coast in the locality of Alberoni falls entirely within the protected areas of the European Natura 2000 network together with the Regional Natural Reserve of the Mouth of the Isonzo, as Special Protection Areas dedicated to the conservation of habitats and animal and plant species.

The toponym Alberoni (in local dialect bisiàc/  bisiacco  Albaroni) indicated the semi-marshy area once covered by extensive woods north of the mouth of the Quarantia (or Corentia), a stream that collected the resurgence waters, that later became a branch of the Isonzo mouth.

With the construction of the Quarantia dam  and interventions to regulate the waters near the coast, Isola della Cona was formed between this channel and the new mouth at Punta Sdobba. In Alberoni, the reclamation works led several families of settlers to move there there. Even today, walking along the paths and biking along the cycle paths, you cross farmyards and gardens where the geese and ducks typical of the area stay.

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